about us

The Mama Safi houses are situated on land that is owned by the local Ola Baai Masai community, with whom we have been working for more than 30 years. By having a long term agreement with the Ola Baai community, we are able to ensure that a portion of your accommodation fees provide ongoing support for education, healthcare, veterinary services and women’s activities in the local community.

Our love of the property and our commitment to the local community sparked the idea to build the perfect houses which we could enjoy as our private get away for years to come. While these are our private homes, we wanted to open them to family, old friends and new friends, to share our love of the property and the comfort of our homes.

The property is situated squarely on the migratory corridor, thus there are no fences around the perimeter of the property. However, since it is not uncommon, particularly during migratory season to see elephants, our resident leopard, buffalo, giraffe, zebra (you get the picture!) passing through the property, for the safety of our guests, we have built an inconspicuous fence around the 2 acres where the houses are located. This will give our guests peace of mind that they can enjoy their stay, whether indoors or outdoors on the verandas, without coming face-to-face with an elephant herd passing through!